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Sometimes people hurt me without realizing it and i never say anything at all bc i don’t want them to think i’m being too sensitive or that i’m overreacting, or that i’m a weak person, or that i’m insecure etc…
But it really does affect me a lot, I also don’t know why, i shouldn’t let such small things get to me but i always do and so many times i find myself holding back tears. Most of the time it’s over something very stupid and something that shouldn’t make me feel hurt, at least not that much… idk why i’m like this, I wish i wasn’t so sensitive.

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Ajay Mv @the_aj_division

Hey bud, i understand it must be very difficult to face all that hurt and still try keeping it all inside. Please know that being sensitive isn’t a bad thing. In fact, I’d say that sensitive people usually are far ahead in terms of being connected with their own emotions.
People can only hurt you to the extent of power you’ve given them to cause hurt. It might not be an easy conversation but unless we communicate how we’re feeling, the other person will continue doing what they’re doing because they probably have no idea how you’re feeling about it. The genuine people you have in your life will surely be open to discussing what’s hurting you and work upon it.

Being sensitive isn’t a sign of weakness. It means that you’re relatively stronger at identifying your emotions and feelings. Stay strong! :)

Priyanka Jain @piajain97

Communication is everything. Dont bottle up ur feelings. Speak up. It will help them realize what they doing wrong and also you if misunderstood their intentions. Clear it out.

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Lucky Star @lucky_star

Same here.


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