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dhvani @dhvanee

Sometimes paranormal activities or incidents affect our mental health fanatically, by freaking us out, when fear takes a deep dig inside our heart. So, would you like to share a paranormal, creepy experience of yours if any? Also, how did it affect you and how did you overcome your fear?

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Ujjwal @ubrdj

I don’t know whether this is intuitive, supernatural but I won’t describe this as a coincidence as it’s happened thrice with me in the last decade.
First in Oct2013, then March2017 and last was in Jan2018.

It’s about having a somewhat similar dream in the initial hours of the day(approx time between 5.30AM to 6AM) when I generally was in deep sleep and similar events happening within next few hours/days.

I dreamt of seeing a group of people carrying a body for funeral, not sure whose funeral it was and no familiar faces in the group of people as well. And surprisingly within the next couple of hours or atmost the very next day I got a news that someone in my known expired. This has happened 3 times, during the initial hours of the day and having a sharp memory makes it more worse…the entire day goes just thinking about it and when an actual news breaks then it’s more traumatizing.

During that time all I could do is to calm myself down and thinking of it as a dream and just focusing on my life as thinking about it will only lead to loss of time, the specific days I had such a dream were actually wasted in thinking about what could be the actual reason behind all this.

I researched this and luckily I’m in contact with and have worked with some Psychiatrists and psychologists but still couldn’t find actual and convincing answers for this; The only thing I could find was that I may have seen something similar in a movie or somewhere online the day prior to which I had such dreams which I actually don’t remember.
I discussed about this with some astrologers (I don’t actually believe in astrology or superstitious stuff) the weird answer that I got was that having dreams of funerals is actually good for the individual who has it and I was like are you serious?? I had a traumatic dream and a similar incident happened around me and it’s good for me🤔

Honestly I still haven’t figured it out and am looking for more logical answers to it!! And luckily I haven’t had anything of this sort since last 3 years.

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dhvani @dhvanee

This experience appears too spooky to be read, making me wonder how disturbing it could have been for you to actually go through this. I’ve had similar experiences when I watch something online or on television and dream about it next night, and also, sometimes I dream about things, and they actually happen in reality, with the same backdrop, the same people, and the same plot, forcing me to feel as if it has already happened before. But I haven’t had any supernatural experiences in this regard. Especially, when all of this is in regard of death of known ones, the matter becomes more disturbing. It’s great to know that you tried to get over it to avoid wastage of your time, because these are some of the most unanswerable questions, which may remain unanswered forever. Another thing to note is that when you decided not to think about it anymore, you didn’t experience any similar stuff thereafter, indicating that things can disturb you as long as you let them bother you.
Thank you for sharing this experience!!
Now that you’ve shared your experience, I would like to know if you believe in ghosts or not, and why. (This is my favourite question, and I ask this question to almost everyone I interact with 😅).

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Ujjwal @ubrdj

In my teens and until the age of 17 I found this topic of ghosts and other related theories to be an interesting area and discussed it with a lot of people whom I met in person. During that time social media had started gaining popularity, not much resources were available online. But gradually I could understand that it’s all about perception as to how one sees it and what one believes. I’ll give you links of two videos that gave me clarity on this, there is some reference of it in both:

1) After 8th minute in this

2) Within initial few minutes of this

I have a tendency of finding logical answers/reasons and questioning almost everything that life brings up or things that people have agreed upon and preach without valid proof.
After evaluating things, situations & on the basis of personal experiences over 10-12 years I’d probably say I don’t believe in ghosts but I do believe in energies that are present around us. No one turns into a ghost after death and there’s no reference of what happens in afterlife(no one has proof of that). It may turn into energy that can be good or bad. Indeed there are paranormal societies that have been formed across the globe and who have been researching on this topic but it’s all about experiencing it and the belief system involved.

There’s a channel on YouTube “Paranormal & Science” run by an indian paranormal investigator who gives his views on this topic which I can resonate with to a great extent and even uses electronic gadgets for that. I haven’t seen his content for last 2 months but have seen things prior to that which clear a lot of clutter and garbage that is being sold and preached by the so called GURUS or frauds in the name of solution to people’s problems which is nothing but actually to chain up people to certain belief systems using psychological games or patterns which people easily fall prey to.

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dhvani @dhvanee

I share a similar understanding as yours, and what draws me towards asking others about their opinions about the supernatural genre of thoughts can’t eben, is the fact that I don’t believe in ghosts. To be honest, I belong to a family which is very theist, and because of the same reason, I pray to god too, I ask the almighty for help too when I’m in trouble. But, I just can’t convince myself if God really exists, I don’t even feel convinced by the presence of a soul in our body, I just don’t know why. I always look for scientific proofs for the existence of any possible thing on the earth. Because of this logistic and confused approach, I find it difficult to believe in most things that others believe in. I can’t even convince myself of the fact that we can travel back and forth in time, despite there being so many experiences and “probably true” theories about the same. I always search for a proof for everything. Since I have convinced myself that ghosts don’t exist, I’ve also, amidst still lot of confusion, to some extent convinced myself that God doesn’t exist, with the logic being that there has always to be a bad for a good. If the bad(ghosts) don’t exist, then the good(God) to doesn’t exist. That’s the reason I always ask others about their opinions to convince myself of things. I’ll be grateful if you’d like to continue this conversation by sharing your views about the existence of whatever I’ve described in this super long and probably uninteresting text above. As I said, your opinion will add to my knowledge and that would really help me.
Also, thanks for sharing you opinions previously!

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Ujjwal @ubrdj

TBH it’s more to do with belief system and conditioning over the years. There will be people who follow customs n traditions blindly, people who want to question but cannot do that out of fear and finally people who want logical answers and ask for it.

For me it’s a similar concept of good energy and bad energy. Whatever we have learnt n listened over the years about existence of God can be questioned, eventhough we have some documentary and visual proof for it, still it may prove something about them relating to past(many many centuries ago) and doesn’t really relate much to the current existence…It’s ok to pray and believe that good things will happen(not ignoring worst case scenarios), going to religious places for attaining mindfulness and getting mental n emotional strength just by the way of believing in yourself and the law of Karma is sufficient but nothing should be done blindly, following trends blindly is the major issue.
Efforts are much more important than just thinking and praying.
Have seen many people going to religious places regularly and leaving behind their family members home who actually need their time and support!! And I really don’t understand such behaviour…This has been shown in many movies and happens in general life but people still don’t understand and here’s why some people play psychological games to get monetary gains.


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