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Sometimes life just seems to lose it all.
It is just so weird that in life all u expect and want just goes the opposite way around. And the toughest part during these situations is about how to stay calm and strong then. Life just feels falling apart and the only thing possible for us is to hope it gets a day better!
Why is the constitution of marriage classified in age in certain castes? Why are kids pressured if destiny takes it whole lot time to get you connected to you very right companion! Why is the girl blamed for the shit she isn’t a part of. Life seems to be so grumpy at certain phases like it wants to screw it all for u and crush u down that hard u cant really imagine of! Parents and kids made the pressure felt just because others seem to settle fast and in the correct time and space.
They say good things take time but why dont I come across this in an arranged marriage where everything is about the right time and it does take time😕
Sometimes feels like to just go out in a space where i meet none to tear me down and crush me hard enough to get my mind completely out of peace.
In a world of billions probable trillions here we are solo fighting our battles by putting your grief in a space where none can recognise with just the fear of being judged exists.
Just a simple girl with a complex (overthinking) mind putting up some 3:00 am thoughts!

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Ayo @ayostephen

I totally get what you mean and it’s so exhausting and mentally draining. I don’t know if you yourself also have this feeling, that you need to lay in bed every minute to reload yourself. It’s really exhausting and I’m so sorry! I really hope you will get better soon <3


Hard to go through


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