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Sometimes it sucks being the only one who’s single. I feel like a third wheel constantly. Having to listen and advice them about their relationship. Pretending like I don’t want what they have. Oh well. Guess it’s gods plans right. 🤷🏽‍♀️

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That is true. Putting yourself out there means you gotta learn to trust and be vulnerable and thats a really hard thing to do. Cause the hardest part of all is having to trust a soul especially in this generation.

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You’re not alone. I think each of us have built walls up high that no one is able to get in. We’re all hurt and scared to trust someone because of the pain it’s caused us.
So instead of trusting someone, we keep building the walls. Causing us to feel alone and sad because we don’t have anyone.
The first step to trusting is letting your guard down only to a certain point. If you feel that the person is worthy of being trusted, then you can let them in. You can take months to let someone in. I know for me, it takes a very long time.
It’s a really tough thing to trust because people do break it easily and there’s no going back to fixing it once it’s been broken.


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