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Sometimes I wonder if there’s something wrong with me bc i feel like compared to others i’m way to uninterested in others, not like i don’t care about them, i do in the sense that I want them to be okay but i don’t think about what people are doing with their lives often and when i say things like “oh how have you been?” it’s just a mannerism i don’t really care that much in the sense i haven’t really thought about it ( There are only a very few ppl i i actually care about and want to know about, but there are some people) I don’t mind other people’s businesses and i tend to be very self-centered, selfish? idk, that’s what i think sometimes. While with my friends i can go on rants about my life and my problems for hours without realizing i haven’t even let them say a word or asked anything about them, sometimes i feel like idk ppl enought bc i never ask them questions about themselves. I’ve been working on this and i know how to control myself better now, when i was younger i’d never shut up talking about myself and often friends had told me i was annoying, I didn’t realize i did this until one specific friend that had never said anything about it cut me off suddenly and said " You know you talk too much and never let other’s talk , right?" I then apologized and started to realize that it was something i should work on, I’m better at it now but i still get the urge of wanting to talk about myself non-stop. I never have any bad intentions and i don’t want to ever seem rude that’s why i want to work on this.

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It’s soo good to see that you are willing to take necessary steps towards this. I hope you’ll get over it soon.


U talk too much coz ur really comfortable with them only …u feel uninterested coz most of the people are not compatible with you and the way ur mind and thoughts are…let it out whatever u feeling with the person who don’t get annoyed…and it’s not being selfish i mean …in my opinion and i understand the things u said coz it’s the same way i think…our reasons may be different but yeah …so the things I said …i do that …uk i have 3 friend and i let it out with only one coz ik …they will not feel annoyed …u just need good listener for some things …and it’s really good that ur trying to change …u can try to not act rude …and stay whoever u are at same …>.<…


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