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Sometimes I wonder how my heart is still working after suffering all of this. You are really strong bro and I am really proud of you. I know life was so unfair with you but it is how it is. Hum jeena to nhi chhod sakte na. I love you… ( to myself ) Trust me I do. Logo ko karne do judge, wo tumhe kamzor aur Chhota dikhana kabhi band nhi karenge… Bevkuf hai saare… Jo life k real meaning ko nhi samjh paaye. Na insaniyat samjh paye. Bas dikhawa karne ko life ka intention bna liya hai. Mujhe to taras Ata hai un logo par jo emotions nhi samjhte. Dimag jyada chalate hai. Anyways… tum God ki favourite ho… itna mujhe pta hai. Just smile and be happy for yourself. I love u so much.

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AgentP @agentpxd

Hey anon! I would say fark nahi oadta yaar log kya sochte hai as long as you’re happy. So don’t let others make you feel bad about yourself in any way. I’m sure you’re going through something in your life and it’s hard but here you are, expressing yourself, fighting it, making it till here. I believe you’re strong. Anndddd I love you, trust me I do as a fello human :)

Take care!




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