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jeevan @ayyojee

sometimes i question if depression is real. or if i’m making it all up. what’s worse is when i haven’t been able to get the help i know i need because of family completely denying it’s existence.

at home i am not able to have a conversation about how i’m feeling, let alone say i need help.

but growing up like that has taught me lots. it has taught me compassion. it has taught me to be analytical. it has taught me to be open minded.

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Depression for me means when we aren’t able to express ourselves (De-expression)

Look for ways to express yourself and in no time you will be out of this state.

jeevan @ayyojee

this is beautiful, the way you connected the dots. thank you 🤍


Your welcome 😊 Glad it could help.

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Sophie @sophiehope

wow my adoptive mom doesn’t believe in depression either she says we make it up in our mind I know how you feel but I am glad you are learning things from this

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aprajita @aprajita09

Depression is real.You can always seek help from professionals thro helplines.Great tht you have learned so much from struggling.


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