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Sometimes…i just think why do we feel lonely even surrounded by lots of people. Friends are many but we can not share any personal suffering from them.
But on the contrary it’s really relieving when you just talk to some stranger about each and everything.

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Tanya Singh @dbtanya01

Sometimes, you cannot share what you will with your friends, maybe because you don’t feel comfortable enough or you just don’t feel right. At times sharing your pain or your happiness or anything that is troubling you with a stranger really helps a lot.
I just want to say that whatever is bothering you, you can share it with me. You can talk to me about anything and everything and one thing that I can assure you is that you won’t be judged!
Take Care

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Thank you so much for showing your concern…🙂i will definitely try what you said.

Ymir @foundingtitann

I wonder the same thing and what I think is that a stranger doesn’t know you. He/she gets to know about you only by what you tell them and because of this, they don’t judge you for other kinds of stuff compared to the people who know you. What happens with known is that you tell them something and they were like you did this earlier too or anything but this doesn’t happen with a stranger. moreover talking to a stranger will let you explore more about humans and their thinking.

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Yeah…it’s true i believe. 🙂


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