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Sometimes i feel that i give away too much of myself to people. Always doing more for people than they’d do for me. Always behaving as if i owe the people something. Why do i invest my everything into relationships where the other person clearly doesn’t give a shit about me ? Why do i get so emotionally attached to people who don’t deserve my time, energy or love ? What is with me feeling everything so damn deeply ?

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I feel this a lot too, they never seem to reciprocate the same concern that I do. Most of the time I ended up being the one who cared for the other person more. But you know, recently I’ve realised that the only person you should care for the most is yourself. If they can put themselves before you, you should do the same. I think building on your self worth is necessary because otherwise you’d be put down and run over by everyone. Respect yourself enough to stop giving so much when you see them not reciprocating. If the attention is forced , it’s not worth it, trust me.

Kashika @kashika

I feel like it’s the same. I feel so proud to hear about people who’re sensitive. Sensitive people are strong. Feeling everything is a sign of being strong and brave enough to let yourself go through every emotion out there. And it’s okay, as time passes you realise you’re your best companion. Others’ love can supplement the love that you have for yourself, not replace it.


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