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Rishit @rishit757

Sometimes i feel stronger but sometimes i feel week alone. As I don’t have much friends in college and was never been into any relationship till now. I’m just a dead man living.

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Welcome to zombie group

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sus_h_ant @sushant_

Wow me 2 here in zombie group 2


Hey buddy, stay strong, you got this!
I understand where you’re coming from because I myself have become an introvert from an extrovert, and life has changed so much. It was just easier to make friends when we were in school but as we grow up, we realise we only want to hang out with a small group, maybe just a person or even alone sometimes.
But hey! Maybe that’s a good thing too? Like you’re a person who doesn’t suck up just to be friends with the wrong people. You’ll love being alone and you’ll definitely get the right company and friendship eventually.
Take care. ❤️

Rishit @rishit757

Thank you bud, this really means a lot

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Joy @joyforlife

Bhai without relationship dead man nhi hote. Every single person is not zombie. Just keep talking to peoples and try to understand them. You will be happy to help and will surely get some new friends 😊


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