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Ankit Aggarwal @ankitaggar...

Sometimes i feel like nobody understands me and nobody want me in thier life.
I usually feel being ignored by everyone even after doing so much for them.
Its feels so lonely and this loneliness is killing me 😔

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Sunny @lonelyincrowd

Bro it is not like this it is because you have filled yourself with so much useless stuff and forget your priorites that you seem lost. Focus on your priorities and life everything will fall in place and everyone will love you


You are so damn right…i have been in your situation and experienced it.
Just focus on yourself and everything will fall in the right place. Don’t care about what others have to say about u…jus be yourself…

Roohi @roohi22

It’s phase of life and this too will pass…
Instead of finding happiness in people, find it in yourself.

Only you, your thoughts can keep you happy


Valuable things are hard to find ,you are that .
Don’t expect from others because it’s not in your hands.
Being alone is better than with toxic group
Try to enjoy your loneliness and figure something to keeps you busy

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Gungun @gstranger

1stly be happy the way you are…😊
n enjoy your company…called self-love(it’s the best way to explore yourself)…n don’t think abt that people r ignoring u.


First of all don’t be sad, you’re not sended here to impress others
Just be yourself I know it’s tough but once you start selfcare then you’ll understand how important you’re to yourself
And trust whenever you’re in trouble no one will be there expect you itself to grab you back
So just start spending time with you



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Ankit Aggarwal @ankitaggar...



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