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Sometimes I feel like no matter how nice I am to other people, I’m going to still be pushed away. Its like I’m giving people everything when all I want is love? Someone told me t go die and I have been up all night thinking that I should do it.

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

Absolutely not fair to you if you are thinking to end your beautiful life just because of that one person. We meet with so many people in our lifespan. Let the negative ones not impact you at all. You being nice to people, is really great and appreciable act. Do not let negative people to change your kind personality and live for the ones that are good with you.


Please Dont think something stupid dear, life is so beautiful you have a lot of opportunities to fix what ever the issue. I believe there is someone who loves you no matter who you are, just wait for the right time to come. Stay strong! You have to overcome this situation.


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