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Sometimes i don’t really know weather i’m okay or not. I’ve been telling people that i’m doing so much better and i do feel better however am i really the person i want to be, am i doing what i want to do? idk, i feed of off other people emotions, if people around me are happy so am i, if people around me are sad, im also sad. That’s my way of feeling emotions, i feel other people’s feelings more than my own that’s why i always try to make others happy and i take grate care to not disappoint anyone and be the person they wish i was. So lately i keep wondering if i am happy with my life rn or am just happy that others are finally happy for me (?¿)
I also have this problem where whenever i talk to people about my problems i just spit a bunch of words with no context, im not trying to act mysterious, there really isn’t a context. People always ask me what am talking about and to be more specific. But i don’t know what i’m talking about either, i don’t know why i say things and what i mean with the things i say. Is there something wrong with me?

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noella @ur_fire_embers

you are completely fine. nothing’s wrong with you. we are always told it’s okay not to be okay, but I think it’s also okay not to know, it’s okay to be confused sometimes. you just gotta be patient with yourself, over time, you will find the answers to your questions especially if you focus on loving and understanding yourself first, before thinking about others’ perception or impression towards you. Do you. Be you.

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Now&Me @nowandme

hey fren 🤍 we think talking to an expert might help you. we have an expert feature here on now&me where u can speak to an expert and gain new perspective as well as effective solutions to ur situation. do give it a try. we think u will like it 🧡😊🤍


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