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Lia @leelia

Sometimes I don’t know who I should be. When I’m nice I’m way too nice and I feel like a fool people only hurt me and I’m very sensitive so all I do is cry for the stupidest shit. If I’m mean and cold then I’m too mean and too cold as well as the distance I don’t allow anyone near me so they can’t get in my way and hurt me. I can’t find an in between, so I go through those kinds of stages.

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I totally feel you, I have tried to set boundaries and time for self care in order take a step back and reflect on how my energies are being transferred, I’m not perfect but this helps a lot in situations where I might have gone to any length to help another person, only to be just used as a means.

Don’t self-loath yourself, be mindful, be a kind friend to yourself like you would have been for someone you care.


That’s what makes you unique and just the way you are. No matter who you choose to be, it’s your choice. But act wisely and don’t let others trick you.


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