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its_me_zoe @its_me_zoe

Sometimes I cannot believe that we aren’t friends anymore. I mean i know everyone who crosses your path is temporary but i didn’t think our friendship would end this way. We were bestfriends and then it started to die very quickly. You made new friends so you decided to drop me and let me go. You didn’t want me anymore since you had them. I wasn’t going chase after someone where I wasn’t wanted and needed. So since you walked away i decided to move on and let go…🥀

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Luna @luna7

The fact that you’re brave enough to walk away and not beg for their presence is very impressive! Keep your head up, Zoe!!

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its_me_zoe @its_me_zoe

Thanks Luna!! your comment boost me up🙌

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Stay strong.

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its_me_zoe @its_me_zoe



People will come and make you feel good and at moment when you atart thinking na ki thid Girl or Guy will not going to leave me, That’s the exact moment they start making distance and leave …

I know this shit hurts a Lot but we can’t do anything about it …

We’ll have to stay strong :)

Even my Bestfriend is around the corner to leave me as nowadays she just ignore me for no reason …

We were besties since 2018 and we shared each and every detail with each other. But then i started getting too attached to her and I don’t know why at exact that moment she started making distance …

Now we barely Talk like Hello and Hey hoti haii bas Roj …

This Shit is Killing me but i know it’ll get better Soon !!

Much Love and Power to You !!! 💛


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