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Sometimes I am scared of myself. I think about people I know and imagine humiliating or hurting them. I don’t actually want to hurt them in real life, but it bothers me how I imagine these things. Occasionally I also have dreams where I kill people or turn into monster. Is it bad that I do this or is it normal?

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Hey, Is the feeling in retaliation to something certain people have said or done? Dreams are strange, we all have weird dreams from time to time. However, if you feel uncertain and feel that these feelings are more active than dormant, or even persistent, then it might be a good idea to get some professional help.
Are they perhaps the result of some past trauma? Or has it just always been this way? 
It’s not bad that you do this. The fact that you’re questioning the subconscious just goes to show that you’re a good person with a moral conscience. So, don’t beat yourself up about it. You’re not actively doing anything. And thoughts, especially the subconscious ones, are not in our control, till we perhaps seek some professional help to train our mind. So, try that out. They can probably give you some exercises that help with such thoughts.

Anthony @anthony

If you imagine hurting someone it could be that you dont like the person…like you dont want to admit being jealous of them…if you love the person there is no way in the world youd want to hurt them unless you hate them or are jealous of them…work that out alone to yourself…when I used to  dream of killing someone in particular its because I hate that person or people…I separated myself from those triggers meaning bid a fuck off to those who pissed me off and erased them from my life…that way no angry dreams will ever happen…dreams and nightmares are just wants and fears…straighten out the insecurities you have with those you want to hurt…and cut out those who make you feel negative…youll experience a clear conscience,mind and soul…and…finally get some decent sleep for a change…TIP:…sleep with music or tv on.

Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0

Hey… I guess it simply means that you don’t like that person and thats why you are even getting such dreams. just consult a doctor if these things are annoying you way too much. 
Power to you.

Khushboo @khushboo

Hey, don’t feel like this. Try to have positive vibes and interact with people nicely. Don’t be scared or have negative vibes. More power to you .


Don’t feel that you are not normal. ALL PEOPLE in this world have tendency to be someone that they are not just because of too much emotion. Thats why some people who killed someone when they are in the right state of mind they didn’t know why they did what they did. People like you and me are also possible to do things beyond our control so the best thing to do is accept that your not different from all of us and you can control yourself if you will just stay calm and be in the moment. The mind can wonder but our true self will remain the same, you know yourself more than anyone and i’m sure you want the best for you so always keep in mind that whatever you do, you love yourself and you can’t hurt anyone as long as your mind can focus on yourself that you won’t do anything to anyone specially to yourself.


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