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Gia! @asahii

Sometimes, everyone goes through a time when they lose interest in everything, even things they used to love. It’s like not wanting to talk to anyone, and if someone asks what’s wrong, there’s just silence. It feels like you’ve somehow disappeared. How did a person who used to be cheerful become someone who’s not interested in life anymore? Thinking about these changes, spending many nights over it, it feels like life has slipped away. I don’t know what to do next or if there’s any interest left in living. I just go on with the hope that maybe something will change tomorrow, something good will happen. Even watching funny shows doesn’t make me laugh anymore; nothing feels exciting. Now, it’s just about getting through each day because the only reason to keep going is the instinct to survive.

Actually, I think the problem is that everyone learned to live for themselves, but I never did. So, when I’ve lost so much in life, maybe I’m lost too, maybe I’m completely broken. But what can I do? I never learned to live for myself. My view of life is different; I think everyone lives for themselves, but I want to live for others. However, no one around seems to care whether I’m alive or not.

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Pankaj Kumar @crazyguy3495


Relax and then u will see everything clearly πŸ‘


I can feel you in every word you wrote.


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