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Saisha @saisha

Sometimes deciding to walk away from a friendship is not a bad thing. Its definitely difficult, but it may be healthy. Your friend may have been a huge part of your life, but a time can come when you just don’t feel like you’re on the same page anymore. That doesn’t invalidate your years of friendship, that doesn’t mean you don’t love them. Just means, you’re making a conscious decision to spend your time and energy and emotions on somebody that appreciates rather than someone who once did, but no longer does. Losing friends to distance or fights can be harder than a romantic relationship breaking up, because here, your parents will miss them too! They won’t understand “oh we just lost touch” for someone they saw you share your childhood with. But remember that its healthy, and eventually, you’ll be able to wish them well from afar. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway

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Monika @monika

You are absolutely right. I had a really close friend, although we were close only for a year but I was really really attached to him. Because of some misunderstandings, we just “stopped talking” and then my parents were all like Don’t you talk to him anymore and what happened? I was anxious for a very very long time but then I realised that I cannot put myself through this. I had to get a grip over myself and made myself believe that whatever happened, happened for the best.


this is very true



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