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Sometimes all I can think about is getting away from my family as soon as possible. And it is so not because I want freedom( Yes, I do ) but that is not my primary reason. It is because every moment in my family feels like an atom bomb is going to explode. None of my family members act close to the way they should. A dad who thinks his only work is to give financial support ( even that he doesn’t do properly), a mom who wanted a perfect boy but got a girl who is a tomboy and a boy who is an exact copy of my father ( whom she does not like very much ) .And then comes a grandmother who knows even though his son is wrong will support him.So am i wrong to think such a thing?

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No it’s completely normal to feel that way. Everyone has been locked up with family for months so it’s guarantied you will lash out on each other. Just talk with your family (preferably when everyone is calm and in a good mood) and tell them how you feel.


Same here dude. My mother expected me to be a good girl and behave like one. But m tomboyish, m loud and even sit with open legsn she doesn’t like this.
My brother looks similar to my father and my father doesn’t even know how much I scored in my exams. I just want to give the exam and go away to some other place to have my freedom.


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