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Sometime I feel I am not loveable… Whenever I get attached to someone they just leave

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saransh @saranshmac7


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You are lovable… Its just the matter of compatibility… Everyone has their own criteria, some might compatible with you, some might not… You just have yo look around and find the one who cherishes every moment of ur presence…
Hope you meet them soon !!


And that soon… Never come… In reality


I completely relate with you my friend, but hold a bit tight, have a little faith… thats the best can do…

aakash @kanha

same feeling…

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3issa @3issa

I wanna tell you something out of experience
I felt like this for a long time and hated my self and started to curse my self and every thing about me.
Recently i realised that before pople to start to like me i must love my self first.
Try to read a book about self trust like (the ultimate secrets of total self confidence)
That book helped me to much.
I just want to you to think in your mind that you don’t need anyone to tell you how good are you cuz you know your self more than anyone and accept yourself as you are all of us got bad things.
You just need to know what you need to improve about yourself and start to work on it.
It will take time and effort but at the end you will be a different person.
And i did that and i fell much better after like just 2 months of doing this.

Ferry @ferry



Me feeling like I don’t deserve love and leaving people 🥲


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