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Lia @leelia

Something very weird happened to recently. someone i’ve been friends with for years, someone who i used to talk to every single day (we don’t live near each other anymore so we only text and call now) just sent me a text saying they are going on a journey to find themselves and cutting of any bad influence, that’s why they’re gonna block me and delate all of their socials. At first i thought he was joking and laughed it off. He told me not to try contacting him bc i wasn’t gonna be able to and he actually did block me and delate all of his socials… idk how to feel about this, he literally disappeared on me. I have no way to contact him, he won’t answer my calls, i have his email if he didn’t get rid of that then maybe i could email him but i wouldn’t want to have to do that. It hasn’t been a week yet so maybe he’ll appear again idk i’m just kind of mad and idk how to feel rn. How could anyone do that? You can’t allow someone to get emotionally attached to you and then disappeared completely from their lives just like that. Should i be concerned? Should i try to find him? or respect his stupid decision (cuz to me it’s stupid and unfair, im sorry that’s just how i feel i respect it ig and his feelings are valid but i can’t say i understand it or agree) and never contact him until he decides to get back to me?

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Anonymous @ana_s

i faced same in my life and it makes us to close more ourselves and its difficult again and again to trust someone and think yes thats my FRIEND. Though BIG NO. I am so done from jealousy, or hypocrisy or I cannot stand any fake people. However, being like that honest it makes me feel lonely on the other hand. I just recently also shared with my pain story feelings. And I think if such people behave with us like that need to cut them immediately from our life. Because we shouldnt explain or to know WHY WHAT HAPPENED. The action itself already shows how that person shitty that do not care about other person’s feelings. And as per my experience, people are never changing doesnt matter how many books they read, or education or life changes… the core itself it stays with people that cannot change them. So for what to ask explain if they will not be changed and no one will admit their mistakes NEVER. So I believe better to overstep most probably.


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