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Something that I learned this year; If there’s something bothering you but you know you won’t do anything about it, then stop thinking about it completely. Don’t think about what you “should do” if you know yourself well enough to know you aren’t capable of doing it. Over-thinking is only worth it when you’re planning to take action. It prepares you for the situation that’s about to happen, but if it’s not gonna happen then you’re going through it in your head for no reason and that can be quite traumatic. You’re basically going through that specific situation, it’s just that it’s on your head instead of in real life, however, it can still affect you, a lot, perhaps even more than how the actual thing would.
The advice I’d want to give myself from the past. Now I just don’t think about doing what I know I won’t, not right now. What has to happen will at the right time and by itself ( not always but in my situation, I think so + it’s what i plan if u can even call that a plan)

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