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Issy @lostandconfused

Something rlly weird and actually quite scary happened to me on Friday.
So I was just playing on my laptop and I was thinking about everything going on next week like me going back to riding, dance and school and I was Overthinking so much and it was suddenly like my brain was whirring at like 2000 mph, and it just seemed to come on so sudden and I was just overwhelmed with anxiety. It was just terrifying bc while I was like this I thought ‘ if just I killed myself it would all be over and there would be no anxiety at all’ It was weird bc it was over it a matter of minutes.
Can someone tell me what happened?

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Ummm. There is a difference between panic attack and anxiety attack i have been through this and like I’m not a professional of course. But the way you described it. It was an anxiety attack. If it was a panic attack you would be hyperventilating, getting chills, your body getting stiff and a feeling that you are being detached from your own body.
While an anxiety attack is like your brain is filled with everything and like it’s a rush. An overwhelming situation when you be like what should i do. Should i just die. It would be alright if i die.
So my advice would be like consult a doc if you can. And try to meditate. Like if your brain is going in too many directions i think meditation helps the best.
Also we are here for you if you ever feel alone so don’t worry. It would be alright for sure❤️

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Issy @lostandconfused

Thank you ❤️ I’m checking in with my doc tomorrow just to be sure of what happened.
Thanks again :D

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Tell me what happened and what did they say because i can’t go to doc and i have to cop up with that alone. So that advice might be useful for me too. I’ll be grateful 😊


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