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Something I’ve found that has helped me with not needing closure with my previous relationship was writing down exactly how I feel throughout the relationship, positive and negative, and just when I would be in their company or if I felt I NEEDED to get something off my chest. It took me 3 months to go back and read through it all and I saw how poorly I was treated and I felt I didn’t want to associate with them anymore. It showed me why things ended and showed me how I could improve. However, this only works if you are 100% honest in it. You aren’t fooling anyone by lying to yourself. Absolutely advise it to anyone starting out a relationship and is feeling committed. If it works out it can be an amazing present to show the other person what they mean to you and how they make you feel.

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I guess everyone on here hates me.
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I self harmed jealous of my roommate for a lot of things and i am useless

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