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Lia @leelia

(something i wrote, was supposed to be a song but it clearly isn’t cuz i don’t know how to structure one lol, so just take it as some feelings i wanted to write down😅)

i no longer want you back
I’m sick and tired of your act
you lost something that isn’t replaceable
they won’t fill you’re empty heart
the treason isn’t erasable
it will always break you apart
nothing is unbreakable
you should let go of the heart that never loved you back

and no, i’m not trying to say i would’ve been better
but some things are as clear as weather
you don’t deserve em
but am i bad for saying i low key want you to feel the way it hurt?

I no longer wanna stick around
cuz now i’m happier than ever and i don’t want someone to hold me back

you always let me drawn
and never listened when i was trying to talk
oh god
how did it take me so long to realize?
that you’ve always been desensitized
you never knew what i was going through
bc of that stupid smile i always put on for you

and no, i’m not trying to make you feel bad for always being caught up in your own head
i can’t blame you for that
i was also going through hell
oh well
my bad,
i should’ve picked it up by the way you looked down on me like that;
that i was only there to fill the spot of someone you couldn’t have
and now that you’ve had it all and lost it all how does it feel to know that it was all your fault?
am i bad for saying i’m glad you now know the way it hurt

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Kya bataun … sentences are feild with emotions feeling


Oh my… 💕




Yaar Hindi me bta do 👀🥺

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

Bura lagta hai aap bhi jsnte ho


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