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Someone tell me how to get detached from a toxic best friend …a lil help in the comments would be really helpful

I have never gotten attached to someone the way I did with her but now I’m realising that it’s getting toxic, I am scared that I will become lonely if I start cutting her off …but I can’t stay in this kind of relationship too… somebody help

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Naye dost bana lo . Take up new hobby.

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Now if you have realized that she is toxic and you want her to cut her off so just start with simple things that is block her from everywhere and just act like she’s just a normal person like others.

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Su @su1233

Heyy! It must be difficult as you’re very close to her but here’s something I did with my toxic bestfriend : Communicate with all your heart on how much you want to help her out of this by trying to give her space. Tell her that you’ll be taking sometime off as your mental health is at stake and don’t make it too obvious that you’re leaving or shutting her down. It’ll take a toll on both of you and you’ll see how things will work out all by itself. Ofcourse you’ll be a little lonely at first but again you matter, your mental health is priority. And I’m here to help you if none of these work out, yeah? :D


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