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Somedays I miss. I miss someone, with everything I have, from the peeling skin around my nails, to my notebook . I lie down, I’m unable to do anything. Because why is no one there by my side, why am I not curved around someone’s warm body which is breathing safety, why am I not able to relate to those silly metaphors about us being jigsaw puzzles? On these days, I think of my hands as someone else’s, but they’re not. They’re not, and I am. Pathetic.
I wonder why do I feel so lonely, when I’ve been solitary all my life. I want to know who is it whom I miss, and am ready to lie down on the floor and cry about.
It’s weird, you know, having so much to give, that it ends up suffocating one. It’s all going stale, I’ll turn bitter by a few more sunsets. I’m afraid I won’t find you. And even if I will, you won’t like me. You might tell me this isn’t what you want. What will I do then?
But for that, I’ll have to find you. But for now, it’s a full moon night, and I miss you.

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This is beautiful


Okay this is beautifully written. wow. I have no words to express how lovely this post is. The way you’ve put across your emotions. Wow. “It’s weird, you know, having so much to give, that it ends up suffocating one.” These words have so much depth in them.


I know right. That feeling. That sad lonely feeling when you just want to crawl down on the floor and just cry.

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