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Lia @leelia

Somedays I look at myself in the mirror and i really hate it, i’m like “ew why do i look like that” and then get all upset about it meanwhile other days like today for example, i look at myself in the mirror and low-key simp for myself cuz i’m so pretty and specially cute when i smile, it makes me wonder how come everyone’s not falling for me lol it sounds like i have a huge ego and self esteem, but i think it’s quite the opposite just somedays i feel myself a lot like today although technically im the same person + I think we should all not be afraid to say out loud that we think we are looking amazing, in fact, we should say it more is healthier.

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Natalie_UK🏳️‍⚧... @cant

Whenever I look in the mirror, I just get a cold reminder of what I was born as.


It’s so true and relatable… I just die looking myself in the mirror… On other days i feel I look like a diva😂… But i think we should just appreciate who we are coz really we can’t do anything abt it😂


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