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Somebody here? I really want to jusr drift away talking to anybody…for a few minutes…just literally drift away to another land where I forget myself my mind everything for sometime…

Post anonymously?

Hey let’s drift where do you want to chat

Hii happy to see you here!

May be we can chat on whatsApp for sometime?


Let’s not go on WhatsApp. Let chat on insta use a fake id text me on ben.sean21 on insta. Its more anonymous.

Umm I don’t have a fake insta id…🙃

Okay let’s sone thing I’ll make one tomorrow and message you…


Sure no problem :)



You can talk to me
By writing over here my dear friend.


Very nice to see to you here…

How are you? What’s up?


Just close your eyes for few moments
Imagine that you are heading towards a very very beautiful place…
You are walking
Walking on road full of rose petals
You are amid
Beautiful and vibrant flowers
The fragrance of these flowers fills your heart with so much joy …
There are red,pink roses…
Bright yellow sunflower
Smiling at you
The sunflower very softly
“Pls smile my dear pls smile”
You can hear the birds
Singing happy tunes for you…
Sweet,soft,soothing chirping…
One dark green parrot comes to you
N murmurs
“Pls smile my dear pls smile”
Wind is blowing all over ur face
The fresh wind
Touching you so tenderly
The wind gently
“Pls smile my dear pls smile”

You look right up at the blue sky
N see a panaromic rainbow
All seven colours plead to you.
“Pls smile my dear pls smile”

Just some random lines from my heart from you…
To make you feel little better

Imagination has immense power
It can be a great therapy
Just imagine yourself doing whatever u want.
Where u want
Imagine something positive…
Take care of urself.

You are blessing 🥺
I can’t tell you though there was a thought asking me to reply back as sooon as possible I took few moments to actually imagine what you wrote thank you so much you did take me to a new place where everybody loves me where I am fresh I feel fresh and my feet touched those soft petals though I loves them more giving off fragrances on the bushes so much my feet felt that sift touch…and just so many thing for few moments I love you for this thank you so much when I read pls smile for the first time I felt this 🥺
Like they all just understood everything everything even if silly they understood how it yet is difficult they healed me didn’t blame me just loved me and I hope will always and forever actually love me and heal me understand me evey single time I go back to them 💞
Thank you kusum 💞


Hi dear,
Pls dnt thank me so much…
Nothing done
It is the least i could do…
If you smiled
Thats really something that matters the most.
I am doing good.
I hope you are doing well…

U have kept ur name as workinprogress…
I guess this indicates that there is some which is in progress
As in you want to be happy
In u are working on urself for that…
So this is an uphill task
To work on self
To improve self
To take small small baby steps towards happiness…
But you will reach there
You have it in in u
Work in progress requires lot of work
So you are tend to get exhausted
Or drained
U will feel low
U will feel like running away
But hold on
All will be fine
U will set it fine…
The work in progress will reach its end
A beautiful destination
So whenever u are tired
Rest relax refresh
Get back to work…
There will be forces that pull u down
Stay happy
Stay blessed
Good luck

You understand me 😭💞
I will keep coming back here to take strength💞


Bet I need this too lets do it

Glad to see you here…💞
So how are you…what’s up?