Shruti Singh @shrutisingh

some people and places aren’t meant to be in your life forever. some people are here to teach you a lesson or to remind you that you do have the capacity to love. some places are rest points and some are for testing your faith. but not everything (or everyone) has a grand scale, long lasting role in your life. sometimes they are temporary, and that is okay. take the lesson. accept it. and go on.

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Sejal Sharma @sejalsharma

I guess everybody would relate to this at some point of life.

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Harshit Mitra @harshit_mit...

Me to thak gya bhai sahab 🤣🤣
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Harshit Mitra @harshit_mit...

Pani nhi gir rha fir se garmi lg rhi he yaar 🥵🥵🥵
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