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Some of our professors fail to understand the importance of our time and efforts. No matter how much effort we put in, they make it a point to get annoyed at the most bizarre of things. They feel that it is unnecessary to let us know that they’re taking a leave. They also feel that we do not deserve to be marked “present” if we’re five minutes late to class. My college is stricter than my school was and the entire experience has been highly unmemorable.

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Can’t you inform someone?


Is it only U who feels the same or is it a group of students? And are the professors aware of the issues the students are facing? Because sometimes it’s lack of a communication gap.
If the problem is being faced by the group of students…then I guess u all should unite and discuss about this and come up with some solution. May be a general and open talk with professors would help…or Incase u don’t want any students name to come out then May be a anonymous letter or email -a kinder version….or if the situation is really bad…then probably highlighting it to elders for further escalation.


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