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Some days I feel like Im a terrible parent, i hate feeling like Im walking on egg shells with my husband. I HATE not working because I dont have my own money. Im in the throws of menopause and i feel like my libido just walked out on me and that’s a major issue in my relationship…so much stuff. My dad has alzheimers and I constantly worry about my mother taking care of him in addition to my brother and sister who mentally challenged.Tired of being happy on the outside but all kinds of sadness on the inside. Theres just soooo much life crap that needs to be unpacked

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This feeling can come in…tke care…work on yourself and do some exercise if possible .

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I think you should do some part time work from home job to keep yourself busy

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hey fren 😊 it must have been quite difficult for you to pretend to be happy when all of this is going inside your mind. we understand you. and we think talking to an expert can help you out. so, we have our new expert feature here on now&me, you can talk about just anything with a professional and gain new perspective.
give it a shot if you haven’t already! we
hope it helps you 🀍✨
p.s. your first chat is free 🧑

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