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Rahul @broken2

So yesterday a new transfer students came at our school and became my classmate… And today almost all of my classmate is talking and they’re so loud at the corridor and me and the new guy behind is passing through them but as usual everytime i walk around passing through any of the group of students talking became silent when they see me but they still talk when other guys walk pass them… And so My classmates saw me walking in their way Starts to be silent and the new guy is so shocked, and as after we enter the room i sat down at my chair waiting for my friends and then suddenly i heard the new guy asking my classmate who am i, and why everyone goes silent when i walk pass them… My classmate grin and fooled the guy by saying “you should avoid that guy and respect him, he’s dangerous” and at lunch break i started to notice him staying away from me ToT idk what to do… He might be thinking that i’m a bad guy, I wanna be friends with him but now he’s avoiding me TwT

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You are the misunderstood terror-bringing but actually soft character.

Rahul @broken2



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