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So, yeah it’s been a while. Again. But I’m back and last time I got asked if people pick on me. The answer is a slightly difficult one, yes people try but usually only the stupid ones. People at school know that I’m independent and do things my way, and that nothing really can get to me. But that’s only because of this facade I’ve put up the act like a shield to protect me. My friends that know the real me know what offends me, what triggers me and what to just never bring up, even if somehow we’ve covered every single topic there is. So, I’d say the answer is yes, sometimes I do get picked on but I ignore it the best I can.

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i can relate to that. there are always a few stupid people who just like to pick on everybody, so I don’t pay much heed to them either.

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Feel so lazy this days, nothing is fun except sleeping :(

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I'm a ticking time b***.......

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Most of the movies I wanted to watch, I can’t watch.
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Hey I have a issue related Amazon ।।। ANYONE who can help?

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