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Sansthita @sansthita

So what was your first relationship like? Hit me up in the comments section. All stories are welcome. I am listening. Love and hugs!!

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1st year of college we became friends out of nowhere as I am too shy to approach somebody, I had no idea how it happened. Few months later her bf broke up with her. We were two really good friends, we share almost identical view about life that’s what brought us closer. Few weeks later on a sunday afternoon a message pops up on the screen, describing what she feels for me I couldn’t step back cause I also fallen for her. She wasn’t over her last breakup yet and that’s what made her ex to play a trick.
He made fool of her and she was so dumb that the very next day she broke up with me by showing some silly reasons.
Now that son of a bi*ch played his last card and rest his history.


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