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So today someone remind me about him and I went to deep thought,why love never change,only we forget them with time but when someone remind u everything comes back,now my heart is breaking more and more,I even dare to sneak around where he is living,why I can’t move on from him,why it’s still hurts even if someone talk about him.will I able to movie on.

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You will be over it but you do have to keep one thing in mind dear…that time doesn’t heals everything. There do exist some things which you never get over but you get used to live with them and these things will make you stronger and wiser. May you always find your well wishers beside you. Stay Blessed 💜


Hi dear
Can totally relate with u
I am also still Going through it…
Almost 2 years
But still stuck up
N to be honest the interaction was of just few months
N it has left me totally shattered …
But u will move on…
I am sure about it…
Just give urself time n space

Keep ur mind engrossed n occupied
Pamper urself
Live for urself…

It will happen…

Good luck
Take care.
Stay safe…

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