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So today I feel so sad and I found myself typing here lol. I got the result of my entrance exam for college and I didn’t pass. My family were disappointed at me. I did my best in taking the exam, I even reviewed but nothing came up in the exam. I feel like im very useless and stupid. They told me that I didn’t take my exam seriously. I told myself why would I not take that exam seriously if thats the only school you wanted to go. My parents doesn’t even like me to take an entrance exam in other schools. Everytime that I think about it makes me wanna cry. Im here sharing what I feel because I dont open up with other people because they share it with others. I dont know. Im tired of life rn. Im losing hope. What wrong did I do to deserve these kind of treatment? All I wanted was to pass my exam. Im so done with life🥺😢😭

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All of us will face failure in some way or the other. We are only human, so we must be willing to forgive ourselves and learn from our own mistakes, and accept the situation. Doing this will give us self-confidence and assurance, so you can be brave when you talk to your family and stand up for yourself.
Remember, the only failure in life is to give up. Think of all the times you were successful until this point, and what brought you here! Vent your frustrations for a while, but pick yourself up and move on to the next goal. Look out for people to help you with different studying strategies if you plan on retaking the test and cheer up. It’s a beautiful day!


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