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So this is going to be long far warning
Ok so me and this girl met at work and we worked together a lot. One night I can tell she was really sad and I knew that her and this guy which I hate a lot btw broke up and he did shit he should have like he kept calling her asking her to do sexual activities with him which I heard the whole story which made me mad so everyday from then on I would talk to her and make sure she was ok even tho she was suicidal I did my best to help cause I’ve been there but the only difference was I was alone I tried to end my life 3 almost 4 years ago. So every day we talk and she gets feelings but when she did I didn’t I did everything as a friend so we dated for a month after Christmas (cause I stayed up all night talking with her ruining my sleep schedule) but I didn’t have the same feelings and I told ofc I felt really bad. After that we stayed really good friends like she would still send me good morning and good night messages everyday and she would start some conversations and talk everyday but once this whole Quarantine began she has been very distant and so was everyone else and that hurts a lot especially after trying to kms because everyone I knew ignored me but I tried to keep talking with her but I had a breakdown we had a full on text fight and argued and she stopped replying so I went to SC and posted (people doing the same thing the others did years ago) and she saw it and texted then dont be friends with me anymore and so I went off telling her I feel alone and that your just want what you want and even more crap happened then at the end she says I need a mental break give me a week to sort things out cause I told her I still wanna be friends and in all honesty more so I didn’t even texted a single word until almost a week and a half later I said hi and she say hi but everyday I would start the conversation with hey how are you and she would reply I’m ok that’s it so I would change the subject and ask her a lot of questions so I did this pretty much for 2 weeks and I was like if she wants to end this I’ll at least let her know how I truly feel about her so I tell her and her response was I dont know what you want me to say and then said I dont know what to say man so I apologize for bothering her which clearly i was even tho she said I wasn’t and then she said well I dont wanna talk and I ask her why and another fight happened and she says I’m emotionally straining that every time she texts me she Cries and Gets angry and she doesn’t wanna talk anymore and she told her parents about is which one is no cool cause her mom told everyone what her ex did which he still works there but her parents they told her to stop talking to me even tho I bought her a Birthday gift which it’s her favorite game and I’ve taken her to the movies and I’ve cream which I completely paid for (still dont regret) and all the time I stayed awake at night not sleeping because I would talk her to sleep and make sure she was ok no matter what she was doing and just because I get sad because of this whole thing she completely ignores me and even threw my feelings out the window every night i think about it and cry and get angry at myself

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I’m really bad at typing stuff so if you have questions lmk and yes people have told me I’ve was being used


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