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So this girl is from my city and she lives in Abroad I was also there till last year, we started talking 6 months back and things got serious from my end very deeply and from her end not too deep but yes it was something we used to be on video call day and night, we were not dating dating as we know there will be no future as there is a big difference in terms of Financial status between both the families. Now 2 days back she got pissed over something and we stopped talking and then next morning she found a guy on bumble, he invited her to meet and she went to see him the same afternoon.
They were roaming around later it got cold so she went to his place and they were again drinking talking and stuff. Then that guy kissed her and she dint refuse but after sometime she did and came back to her place. 1 day after all this happened she says sorry about talking to me like that and arguing over something which I was not related to and asked me to not let go of her. I was happy that my soul is back but half an hour later she spilled the beans where she told everything that happened with the guy and I was shattered, it broke my heart to the core now she wants me to make peace with the fact that this is gonna happen and we both need to be open to see anyone and comfortable sharing about it ignoring the fact that we both have a thing for each other in our heart but I am unable to do it and I am not ready to share her with anyone, thinking of she being with someone else breaks my heart into pieces.
Now I don’t know what should I do? Should I make peace with it and keep loving her till whenever or should I let go off her. She doesn’t want me to let go off her as she says I am someone she always wanted, I also don’t want to let her go because of how I feel for her.
Please suggest me what’s best for me?

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hey. honestly, you have to let go off her. becoz the minute the second you’ll think about her you get hurted twice. you’ll face so many problems. so one thing you can do is peace out with her, keep past in past itself and move on. because i know how much it hurts so see the person who you truly love with others. so do follow my advice and dont worry im here to listen whenever you want


I think I have decided to move on as we had a conversation after 7 days and she is still looking for other options and going on dates with other boys. Also I think I have started troubling you and I’d never want to be in the position to to hurt her by the mess I am going through because I can’t see her with someone else.
I think that’s the best for both of us.

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