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So there’s this thing that keeps bothering me always. Till date I have only loved one person and that love story has failed miserably… never even got into a relationship. After that I kind of try to control myself to stop feeling extra. What keeps bothering me is I know there is a person out there for every person…I know but it’s like at this point is seems so uncertain that whether or not I’ll ever get to meet the person meant for me. I know it sounds stupid but I keep overthinking this so much that I’m starting to see dreams based on this. A lot of my friends are either in good relationships or committed. I know there is a time for everybody, it’s just this uncertainty bothers me a lot. I just don’t want to overthink so much cause it literally does not let me live to the fullest. Thankyou for listening to me…🌹

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Hey there, I know that feeling to well. Just recently had a rough breakup with my ex who‘s now trying to get full custody of our child based on lies and shit. Honestly I just stopped caring at all. Met other women who we’re all lovely and wonderful persons on their own right but simply not for me. I guess every person differs but in my honest opinion it sounds like you‘re trying to hard. Do you love yourself? What’s next might sound selfish but the turning point for me was when I decided that I’m the most important person in my live and if I don’t love myself for who I am how could someone else? It’s cliche af but you‘ll let people when you‘d least expect it. Stop caring about finding someone who’s absolutely perfect for you. He/she doesn’t exist. Breakups are a chance to be your best self again without someone else compromising your needs. Use your chance to simply be yourself, learn how to enjoy time with you and yourself only. Try to be conscience about your feelings and don’t be afraid to act according to them. At the end of the day all that matters is you and your mental health. I‘m rooting for you! You got this!


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