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So there’s this guy I think I like. It’s more of an attraction than anything else. But it’s so strong that I have physical reactions when he’s around me. Like an increased heart rate, eyes going wide, breathing becoming shallow and just stuck to the ground I stand on. It sounds so dramatic and if it did not happen to me, I would have laughed at it as well. And, it isn’t once or twice that it has happened. Every time I see him, it’s the same. There is no decrease in intensity. If at all, the attraction is becoming stronger. I don’t think it’s the same from the other side. I am hesitant to approach him first because of some incidents in the past that have traumatized me. I’m unable to put him out of my mind nor am I able to speak to him. I don’t want to be in this zone. It’s confusing. I am unable to perform my daily chores. His face happens to pop up in my mind’s eye every 2 seconds. Also, he’s 4 years younger to me.

What should I do about this?

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u said he is younger to you ( am not saying that it may not be love )but there is a more chances of being attraction to that person and the qualities of that attraction maybe more of cuteness over loaded or his smart work or his boldness that u dint notice in any one elzz or due to your friends telling you that he is so good or so hot or anything .
am not saying that , this might not be a love or something it can be but there are very less chances of a girl being behind a guy who is younger to her is what i feel its just a suggestion to check it ones weather its love or an attraction .

And if it is love you don’t hesitate your self to approach him u can go and tell him about you feeling towards him take it as " its now or never "
because i feel people don’t get second chance to say “sorry” or "i love you "
so don’t miss it and all the best …!


Thanks for the reply.
I can write reasons as to why I like/attracted to him. He’s like the younger jovial version of me before I became the person that I am today. The first time I saw him, it was like looking back in time. It may sound silly but I kinda fell in love with his handwriting. Every time I saw his writing, I would go ‘awwwww’! It may sound silly but it’s so true.
I tried calling him yesterday. He didn’t pick my call. Also he is indifferent towards me these days. Or maybe not. The more I think about it, it’s the similarities between us that’s making him more attractive. Like he loves metal like I do. His sense of humour and indifferent attitude is alike mine. Maybe it’s just a crush or maybe it’s a very strong attraction. Whatever be it, I shall wait to see how it turns out.


when you have this much strong attraction to wards him then why to wait .
just tell him about your feeling and if your a scared for the reply tell him that it is just a feeling for you towards him .
see girl conveying our feeling towards a person is in our hands but weather that person is going to be with you or not its their choice so i suggest you tell him
if his answer is “yes” then you can have a happy life with your fav person
if he says “no” then tell him that it is a feeling you have toward him which you cant keep for your self thats why you told him .
as i told you in the first reply I believe in " its now or never"
go ahead …!


It happened so that I made up the courage to text him, and he replied! We have almost become friends in a day after seeing and not talking to him for 10 months! He’s a little childish for someone like me, so my crush may just evaporate. Right now, it’s pretty strong but over time I guess the attraction will come down. Thanks for your words.


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