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So there’s this friend who has started to become quite toxic for me. He makes me feel stupid every time I talk about what I love and constantly discourages me when I talk about my dreams. He is one of those people that think that money will solve all your problems and that being successful means getting a stable job, building a traditional family and making lots of money. I don’t have a problem with that kind of mindset but that’s not success to me, I personally already think I’m successful bc I’ve grown a lot as a person and overcome various hardships that I thought would end with me but ended up not even getting close to bringing me down. Success to me isn’t something material, success is not something others should define for me, I get to say if I think I’m successful or not. He says I’m delusional for having big dreams and believing that life can be great if you follow your aspirations and enjoy the moment. Whenever I talk about it he says “you sound like a 5yo writing an essay on her dream world” such comments make me feel bad and sometimes I lose faith in myself because of it. I’ve always been called delusional, all my life people have told me that I dream too much and have too much imagination, that I should be more realistic and come out of my little bubble cuz the real world will never work like that. Is it wrong that i don’t want to face this so-called reality?? sometimes I wonder if they’re right? But i don’t want to think they are bc then this life would be horrible and not worth living. I don’t want to believe that, and I don’t but idk.

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Shivay @shivay2595

It’s your life and yes others can’t decide what success means to you or anyone else.
People will say something or the other. You should not loose your confidence and never compromise on your dreams because some one said you are delusional…
Tbh if we don’t dream big then we will never have the power and will to do big things.
Every great personality was deemed delusional because their dreams didn’t matched with the rest of the world…
And tbh you should keep on believing in yourself because it’s your life and only you can decide what to do with it and how to live with it…
And trust me only those people call others delusional who themselves don’t have the courage to pursue their dreams do they try to bring them down.
And yes your friend is showing toxic traits as he’s not ready to accept your dreams and your reality… Maybe success for him is different but for yoy it is different and he should respect that.
Respect is the most essential and basic aspect of any relationship. And I don’t think he respects you that’s why he passes those demeaning remarks on your dreams…
And You are the most beautiful and precious creation of this universe.
You are the centre of this universe.
You matter the most.
And keep on shining like this and forever.
More power, love and peace to you ✨✨


aww thank you so much for your answer and for being so nice!! I really appreciate your words a lot, thank you for saying that. 🤍​💕​ Sometimes bc of these kinds of ppl i start to question if maybe i’m just being stupid but i guess you’re right at least that’s what i want to believe.

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Shivay @shivay2595

You are not at all stupid… You are so sweet and an amazing person.
And you never need to thank me…
Just keep on living your dreams. Kyunki bahut kam logo me himmat hoti apne sapno ki kimat chukane ki…
And I wish you get all those things which you dream for. And you deserve all the love this universe has to offer…
Bas keep on smiling like this always.
And never ever ever change for anyone…
And if someone tries to change you. Just let them go… You don’t deserve anyone who can’t accept you as you.

Priyanka @hgfd123

I would suggest try to engage with this person as min as possible. If he is really your friend then he’ll respect you whatever you are

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