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So there was a former group in the college which I was a part.they were to me friendly.But idk sometimes i felt like i don’t belong not comfortable here so i remain quiet all the time.after sometimes i just couldn’t pretend that i was okay here and i started to drift apart. Nobody tried enough to talk to sort things with me…and you know i am a kind of person who is not so socializing and prefer small group of people.But recently a person from that group called me a creep( like an obnoxious,encentric and painfully introverted person) now this shit is eating me inside because that friend was nice to me and i couldn’t tell him that why I left the group.what do i do.
I don’t blame anyone i didn’t like the company at end was it my fault!?

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Cubric_Z7 @cubric_z7

I would say it was not your fault, if you get the chance to speak to your friend about this then please do it is ok what they might think. All that is important is that you need to feel free and at ease
~I hope this helps

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anuj @anujvohra

No nothing is your fault…try to communicate with your friends that you don’t talk much or not in a mood .that way it will help both of them…find more friends…there are lots of them …👍good luck and be blissful


You know …it did help …we talked through out and sorted all the things…
Now we are good.🤘

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