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Azad Mishra @azadmishra

So,there is this girl sam,the first time I saw her as she entered the class I was sure that she is the one,but due to my lack of social skills I didn’t gather up the courage to confess my feelings for her ,this happened in 12th(transfer student).Right after that she went to Noida for law and I went to Vellore.Although we are still friends on social media but U know it’s not more than that I tried but nt a welcoming response so thts my problem I m confused should I move on or wait (because it so important for me and also somethings are worth waiting)乁( •_• )ㄏ

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Rahul Kanwar @rahulkanwar

I suggest you that you had to told her that you love her if you really want her but if you ok with friendship then go ahead 
If you not sacrifice what you want then your want will be sacrifice


Hey. Plan a reunion when you are back with all your friends and get to know her better. Then see how and where things go :)

Khushboo @khushboo

Hello, thanks for sharing this with us. I think you should have told her atleast once. But no worry, you can still tell her and let yourself know what she thinks about you. Have a meet and see how things are going. All the best.

Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0

Hey… I feel you should wait upon such things. You should have said before… But anyways. Plan something like plan a reunion maybe and tell her everything you feeling from 1st day. Express yourself. And of course some things are worth waiting ☺
All the best.


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