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So there is a guy i m with him from last years and i love him so much i am a kind of person who just love with all of their heart i was his crush then qe went on a college tour and i fell for him and i loved him with all my heart didn’t care about my pride self respect i just loved him and this person told me today that " mai aise ni miluga tujhse phle apna dimag sahi krwa he told me ki mai pgl hu " i don’t what to do i m very sensitive person i give my best then y i am not that imp to anybody …

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Nothing is bigger than ur self respect girl.!!

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Jahid Hasan @alif0221


If you are involved with a love case. love never gives peace you know. You will hurt for sure. Don’t give your valuable time to anyone. Why you should do that?? Love is full of sacrifice. And if you think your ethics are okay. always think about 2 people in your life First your parents then yourself. after marriage add one person and that is your husband. Whatever you do before marriage if you don’t get him you’ll regret it every day after marriage. Give yourself some value.

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