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SO There is a guy I have had a crush on since 2017 and I think it’s not only a crush anymore
I don’t even know his name or anything I just know that he lives somewhere in the way of my tuition I have just seen him and had a lot of eye contact with but I just seem to hold onto him till now I don’t know what to do

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Krishna @hitman_7

You should go up to him and talk about it.
If you want any help you can connect with me and I’ll help you

Sourav @stevesen

Just talk to him see if he is interested then you can work it out , normally guys like a girl who is straightforward and a girl with guts, if you initiate the talk that proves you guts


But I can’t we have never talked before and it would be so weird

Sourav @stevesen

Well you have to start somewhere , if you cant talk to him like that next time make a long eye contact he is guy after all he will know , after that may be he will take the first step


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