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So, the thing is, things haven’t always worked out for me. I remember trying really hard for a few applications back in school, only to be met with - β€œyou have potential, but just not enough”. I’ve tried my hand at quiet a bit of stuff,only to be met with disappointment. However, the reason I’m still trying is because this time around, dissapointment has become fuel. Emotions are just feedback, and I’m in a constant endeavour to decipher this feedback and take it in my stride. We can’t ALWAYS let our struggles get the best of us. On some days it will, but on most days it must motivate us to be better. The only way out is through, and the only way to be better is to accept the negative and work on ourselves, instead of running away from it. Happiness doesn’t just grow out in random spurts of unicorns and rainbows, it takes a lot of stress, discomfort and hard work. Working on our negative traits will always yield a positive one,so let’s put in the work required,instead of shying away from reality

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Drishti Gupta @drishtigupt...


So true. It all requires hardwork, grit and determination. You need to understand that, fall down seven, get back up eight! Can’t let your struggles get the best of you! Keep moving forward xx


yaaaaaas, youll find your happiness soon!


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