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So the problem is either all of my friends are getting married or they are in relationship and here I am single from last 26 years so my only option is arrange marriage which are really risky and scary so I am getting really anxious and scared about what if I will never get someone or I got the wrong one then what I will do and If I share this with anyone they will be like you are getting desperate or doing overthinking etc etc but is it wrong to to feel lonely ?? it’s not like i don’t love myself or anything I am a lovable person and I wanted someone to share that love but all I am getting rejections so sometimes I am getting self doubt too… what should I do

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you are still just 26, you have lots of time. You see, just because your friends are getting marriage doesn’t mean they will be happy with their partner in future. Maybe you’ll be that successful, rich & badass aunty/uncle?! Marriage is not very big thing. It’s not ‘need’, it’s our ‘want’. It’s okay, you’ll get most amazing person, and even if you don’t then YOU be that amazing person.

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Rejections only comes when the situation or the person in front of you doesn’t desrve you. Be brave . You have got this💜🙈

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