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Lia @leelia

so sometimes i talk with the voice i have in my head, idk if it’s like this for everyone but there’s my voice and another voice(idk which one is me or if they both are) this other voice is the one who gives me advice, the one that’s more positive and the one that gives me comfort, one of the few reasons why im still kind of sane but this voice can often be really judgy and do more damage then good, i was having a conversation with her this morning(i swear I’m not crazy it has to be something common haha) and i asked her what she thought about me and certain things i could tell she was trying to be nice about it but deep down she didn’t think that way, all she ended up doing is telling me why was i like that, that something was wrong with me and that as much as she tried she couldn’t understand and although she wanted to support me she couldn’t help but hate that about me, how can i change that voice’s opinion how can i get ride of those thoughts and not hate me so much?

sorry if this made me sound like im crazy hearing voices, i know it’s my head and i don’t think i can actually hear it lol

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Don’t worry your not crazy ❤️ I have that too but the voice in my head changes and is usually bad and tells me that no one cares about me and the other me tells it to shut up and leave me alone. I think it is good and it is important to learn to say no even if it is to a stupid voice saying stupid things in my brain. Also, I’m pretty sure everyone has this and if not maybe we just have a cool power. Like sometimes I tell myself, that it is like mind reading some ones telling me I am awesome and every thinks I am interesting. God I sound like a lunatic… sorry for the long message btw :)


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