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so recently i have had recent feelings for one of my better friends that is a female. in a way i have always felt some certain type of way about her because of how easy she is to talk to and her personality is amazing along with many other things. around a week ago we hooked up a little didn’t do to much but that’s not the point. i’m feeling things i’ve never felt for another individual, there is nothing i want to do more than spend my near future with her but i can’t help be scared. recent relationships have left me with issues when i give my all and it isn’t always reciprocated. i’m scared to love her and i know that’s coming but i cannot stop thinking about what’s going to happen if it turns sour. i feel that i’m going to grow so fond of her presence that it won’t be easy. any suggestions to help me get over my fear of these feelings?

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Nothing is permanent. Take the example of your own parents. Sometimes they might have shown you a lot of affection. Sometimes it may not be the case. In any relationship, if you think of what you receive before you give, that won’t be true. You being fearful is quite understandable.

Do you really like her so that she likes you back? Or are you content enough to like her despite her not showing any fondness/not as much fondness as you expect? That’s a question you need to answer.


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